1-armed man in clown mask arrested for wielding machete speaks out

Corey Berry pleaded not guilty Wednesday to criminal threatening and weapons charges stemming from incident last month in Maine

Man's lost ring found on beach days before wedding anniversary

Mickey Walsh’s wedding band resurfaced in Ocean City, New Jersey, one year after it went missing

Teen spends 99 cents for 'nothing' at McDonald's

A teen in England spent 99 cents to order “nothing” from McDonald’s after removing all of the ingredients from the order.

Justin Trudeau's famous panda cuddle sculpted in butter

A butter sculpture at the Canadian National Exhibition is drawing attention online for its adorable subject matter: Justin Trudeau cuddling panda cubs.

Leopard's bite punctures car tire at South African park

A safari tour guide in South Africa shared video of a territorial leopard biting and puncturing a tire on his safari vehicle.

Activists Want Trump To Support The Right To Go Topless

“In true equality, either everyone has it or no one has it,” an organizer says.

Crane lifts illegally parked car onto roof of building

A car illegally parked in front of the entrance gate to a residential community in China was moved by a crane onto the roof of a building.

Squirrel gets too greedy, traps self inside bird feeder

A hungry squirrel attempting to raid a Georgia man’s bird feeder came to regret its life decisions when it ended up trapped inside the feeder.

Police body camera records goat chase in Texas

Police in Texas were able to wrangle a mother goat and her kid after a chase that was caught on body camera and a round of “neGOATiations.”

Snack-toting 'pizza squirrel' spotted in Washington, D.C.

An industrious squirrel was spotted carrying an entire slice of pizza along a sidewalk in Washington D.C. on Monday.

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