Dog Adorably Terrifies Cats Stalking Bird

As all cat owners know, cats simply love to sit by the window and stalk small animals. Especially birds. It’s simply instinct. This pet owner couldn’t help but burst out laughing the dog scared the bejeezus out of the family cats.  They… Continue Reading →

WATCH: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Questioned on National Security

The presidential candidates fielded questions in a wide-ranging forum that touched on Clinton’s email scandal and the fitness of both candidates to lead the U.S. military as commander in chief.

WATCH: FBI Warns State Election Boards of Suspected Hacking Attempts

Russian attackers have allegedly targeted Arizona and Illinois state election sites.

Self Proclaimed Idiot Hops Freight Trains Across New York

For most of America’s history, trains have been an integral part of the culture. Self proclaimed idiot Jeff Seal wanted to go on a real train adventure, so he decided to train hop across New York State to Montauk on the edge of the… Continue Reading →

WATCH: Dozens Stuck in Cable Cars in French Alps Will Be Stranded for Night

Dozens of people will be forced to spend the night in a number of cable cars that are stuck high up in the French Alps after rescue efforts were suspended for the evening, according to French National Police.

WATCH: America's Top 10 Most Endangered Rivers

Several major U.S. river systems are threatened by drought and water mismanagement.

Kids Try Sandwiches From The Past 100 Years

Today, burgers and peanut butter sandwiches are probably the two most popular sandwiches for kids to request when it’s lunch time. But that wasn’t always the case. Food trends have changed over the years.  To see what kids think of… Continue Reading →

Ellen and Britney Spears Have Fun At The Mall

Everyone wants to be rich and famous. But there’s a lot of baggage that comes with all that fame. Thankfully, Ellen DeGeneres has a sense of humor about it all. So she invited pop star Britney Spears to go to the… Continue Reading →

Asking A Stranger For A Job Reference Prank

For a fun gag, Australian radio show hosts Hamish & Andy called a complete stranger and asked him if they could use him for a job reference. When the kind gent agreed, they called him back as the boss and the rest is… Continue Reading →

How Everyone Acts When They Return From Burning Man

Music festivals have been around for ages. But the old days of Woodstock are over. Now it’a all about Burning Man. It seems everyone who returns from the famous concert reacts the same way.  Kevin Oeser pokes fun at Burning Man… Continue Reading →

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