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Even Tony Hawk Was Impressed By This Skateboarder's Marriage Proposal

This skateboarder’s surprise proposal to his girlfriend so great, it even has Tony Hawk’s stamp of approval.  Earlier this month at the annual Van’s Pool Party in Orange, California, skateboarder and activist Amelia Brodka was chatting about the future of women in… Continue Reading →

Let's Make Neil Gaiman Dramatically Read The Entire Cheesecake Factory Menu

The Cheesecake Factory’s menu is the In Search of Lost Time of the restaurant industry, in that it is far too long and probably includes a madeleine or two.  Neil Gaiman is a very famous author (American Gods, Stardust, Coraline) with a… Continue Reading →

This Little Boy Had A 'Mrs. Doubtfire'-Themed Birthday Party And It Was Awesome

We’ve seen a Costco birthday party, personal injury lawyer-themed birthday party, “Golden Girls” party and even a poop-themed birthday party. But we must admit we have a special affection for this little boy’s “Mrs. Doubtfire” party. Evan Kowalski of Wyandotte, Michigan celebrated… Continue Reading →

Sinkhole opens up in front of Trump's estate

A sinkhole has opened up in front of Donald Trump’s Florida beachside estate, Mar-a-Lago.

'Goat Yoga' Has People Flocking To New Hampshire Farm

Eight people dressed in bright-colored athletic tops and soft pants sat on foam mats and stretched until five tiny Nigerian Dwarf goats, the size of small dogs, pranced into the studio and their goat yoga class began. Tucked away in… Continue Reading →

Hilarious Video Basically Nails What It's Like To Live With A Toddler

Life with toddlers is certainly not boring, to say the least, and these parents know that to be true.  Mindy and Branden Bingham, who blog about family life at This Is How We Bingham, shared a hilarious video on their… Continue Reading →

Amphibious car makes unexpected exit from River Thames

Visitors to the Thames River in England captured footage of an unusual vehicle, an amphibious car, making its exit from the water.

The Absolute Worst Song Ever Is More Terrible Than You Ever Imagined

Here’s yet another reason to hate the media: We’re making you listen to the worst song ever recorded. This past weekend, a HuffPost writer found a ditty called “Fast Food Song,” which rose to No. 2 on the UK Singles… Continue Reading →

Unusually friendly wild boar approaches hiking family

A couple taking their 1-year-old son for a walk in Belgium recorded their encounter with an unusually friendly wild boar.

Watch Katy Perry's Head Terrify Innocent Museumgoers In NYC

Over the weekend, visitors at New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art were asked if they’d like to participate in a video art installation. Interested parties were led into a dark room featuring a long dinner table covered with a… Continue Reading →

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