Weird and Strange

Man spins basketball on a toothbrush for world-record 53 seconds

A man in India set a new world record by balancing a spinning basketball on a toothbrush in his mouth for nearly a minute.

Flight delayed by woman hurling coins at jet engine

Police and neighbors say woman in her 80s was trying to bring good luck to China Southern flight, but it resulted in 5-hour delay

New Jersey police rescue large bear cub from batting cage netting

Police in New Jersey helped rescue a large bear cub that found itself trapped in netting near a batting cage.

Meticulous 'Friends' fan calculated characters' coffee consumption

A man in England carefully scanned through all 10 seasons of Friends to determine how much coffee each of the characters drank.

Authorities capture mysterious boa constrictor on Maine porch

Animal rescuers in Maine said they are trying to solve the mystery of a 6-foot boa constrictor captured on an astonished resident’s porch.

Australian man catches massive mud crab bare-handed

A daredevil wildlife expert in Australia was filmed diving head-first into a mud hole and emerging with a massive mud crab he caught bare-handed.

Toddler climbs on basset hound to get snacks from fridge

A pair of proud parents shared video of their ingenious toddler teaming up with the family’s basset hound to raid snacks from the fridge.

Lactose-intolerant Starbucks customer's toilet rant goes viral

A lactose-intolerant New York man became a viral star from the toilet when he posted a rant about Starbucks giving him dairy milk instead of soy.

Load of boxes leaves woman hanging off back of scooter

A traveler in China captured video of a woman transporting so many cardboard boxes on her motor scooter that she had to lie down atop the vehicle.

Huge carp escapes fisherman, flaps its way to freedom

A fisherman showing off a massive carp in the Czech Republic found his victory short-lived when his slippery catch escaped back into the water.

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