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Customs officers in Texas find 63 bird nest pieces in luggage

Customs officials at a Texas airport said they seized 63 bird nest pieces from the luggage of a traveler arriving from Vietnam.

The Onion Just Dumped 700 Pages Of Parody Trump Leaks Onto The Internet

With President Trump out of the country on “business,” The Onion released a massive collection of leaked information, in the form of emails, memoranda, executive orders and, of course, childlike drawings. The Trump Documents, as they’re being called, are 700… Continue Reading →

D.C. Restaurant Thought This 'Pill Cosby' Cocktail Was A Good Idea

A newly opened pop-up restaurant, bar, and retail store in Washington D.C. has named one of its cocktails the “Pill Cosby” ― and even features floating capsules as a garnish. The restaurant, Diet Starts Monday, is operated by longtime friends… Continue Reading →

My Life At Age 27 Versus My Mom’s Life At 27

Ever get the impression that your parents had sorted out all the important details of their lives (marriage, kids, homeownership) a lot sooner than you have at the same age? You’re not alone. Millennials are waiting later to have kids,… Continue Reading →

Mystery alligator captured at shore of Indiana creek

A pair of Indiana men fishing in a creek made a highly unusual catch for the area: a 2-1/2-foot-long alligator.

Trapped lizard rescued from discarded Red Bull can

An Australian couple rescued a lizard they found trapped inside a discarded Red Bull energy drink can outside a New South Wales home.

This Dog Has So Had It With The Fidget Spinner Craze

The fidget spinner madness has gotten so out of hand, our four-legged friends have taken notice. This dog wasn’t a huge fan. But of course, some pooches are all for the devices — and are total showoffs. — This feed and its… Continue Reading →

Swan chases Florida police officer around SUV

A Florida jogger captured video of an Orlando police officer’s encounter with an aggressive swan that chased him in circles around his patrol SUV.

Woman Accused Of Startling Horses In T.Rex Costume Faces Charges

Horsing around in a T. Rex costume can be fun, but leave the horses out of it. A North Carolina woman is facing charges after police in Charleston, South Carolina, said she startled a pair of carriage horses Thursday night… Continue Reading →

Husky apprehended after stealing bread from Dollar General

A California police shared security camera footage of a Siberian husky that wandered into a Dollar General store and stole a loaf of bread.

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