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Cats inherit $300,000 trust fund from late owner in New York

A pair of New York cats are living in the lap of luxury as real-life “Aristocats” after their affluent owner left them $300,000 in her will.

Virginia Lottery notes steep Powerball sales dip during solar eclipse

The Virginia Lottery said a near-record Powerball jackpot has led to skyrocketing ticket sales — except during the solar eclipse.

Toddler climbs around set of live ITV interview

A young girl hijacked a live interview on British news station ITV by climbing across the set.

Missouri convenience store builds world's largest drinking cup

A Missouri-based convenience store set out to break a world record by building the world’s largest soft drink cup.

Escaped circus camel blocks traffic on road in Ireland

Soccer fans on their way to a game in Ireland found themselves delayed by an unusual traffic hazard — an escaped circus camel standing in the road.

Rescued piglets served to U.K. firefighters as sausage

A farmer in England thanked firefighters who rescued her piglets from a blaze by serving the animals to their rescuers as sausages.

Duck on a leash surprises fellow subway passengers in New York

A passenger on the New York City subway captured video of an unusual fellow strap-hanger — a duck on a leash.

Bear interrupts barbecue to steal food from family's grill

A family barbecuing in Tennessee captured video of their tense encounter with a black bear that appeared intent on stealing the food cooking on their grill.

Julien Macdonald designs jewel-encrusted McDonald's box

British fashion designer Julien Macdonald collaborated with fast food chain McDonald’s to create a special jewel-encrusted hamburger box.

Motorcyclist filmed doing dangerous wheelie on Florida's Turnpike

A couple cruising Florida’s Turnpike captured video of a motorcyclist standing on the back of his bike while performing a high-speed wheelie.

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