104-Year-Old Scientist Traveled To Switzerland For Assisted Suicide


  • Australian scientist David Goodall has died at a clinic in Switzerland after an assisted suicide, a right-to-die organization Exit International said.
  • According to the London-born botanist, he decided to end his life because it has been poor for the past year.
  • The 104-year-old ecologist was not terminally ill.

Scientist David Goodall had traveled to Switzerland for his assisted suicide. He was surrounded by his family during his last moments.

After being administered with a lethal drug by doctors, Goodall peacefully died at the Life Circle clinic in Basel, Switzerland on Thursday. He passed away while listening to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.”

Before the procedure, Goodall couldn’t hide his frustration by the process of formal paperwork. “This is taking an awfully long time!'” he said, according to Exit International founder Philip Nitschke

The 104-year-old scientist had lived on his own in Perth, Western Australia. In 1979, he retired from full-time employment but was still very much involved in his field of work. Goodall was an ecologist and botanist. He became a Member of the Order of Australia for his scientific work.

“My life has been rather poor for the past year or so and I’m very happy to end it,” Goodall said during a press conference. “All the publicity that this has been receiving can only, I think, help the cause of euthanasia for the elderly, which I want.”

He also mentioned that he wanted to die in Australia, but the country allows assisted suicide in only one state. Unlike in Switzerland, one must be terminally ill to be approved. The Swiss country has allowed assisted suicide since 1942.

A day before he died, Goodall spent it exploring the Basel University botanic gardens with his grandchildren.

“I no longer want to continue life,” he said in a press conference on Wednesday. “One wants to, at my age, even rather less than my age… to be free to choose death when the death is at an appropriate time.”

According to Exit International, Goodall didn’t want a funeral. His final request was that his body is donated to medicine or his ashes sprinkled locally.

Source: BBC

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