13-Year-Old Dies In Wildfire Trying To Save Grandmother


  • An Oregon family tried to escape the fire that consumed their home on Tuesday morning.
  • It’s believed that the heat melted the car’s tires, forcing Angela Mosso to tell her son, Wyatt, to run and for her to abandon her mother to survive.
  • The family says Wyatt died when he went back to try and save his grandma, the boy’s body was found in the vehicle’s driver’s seat.

The Beachie Creek Fire was 15 miles away from Lyons, Oregon, so the family decided to sleep but had prepared to leave soon. Monday evening, Angela Mosso packed some of the family’s things while her husband, Chris Tofte went downtown to borrow a trailer to carry the family, their belongings, and their dog.

However, the fire reached their home while they slept.

Tuesday morning, Wyatt Tofte 13, and his grandmother Peggy Mosso, 71, died as they tried to escape the fire.

Three had initially managed to escape the house, along with their dog and three cats. They set out in one of the family cars but didn’t make it far.

Angela’s brother, Lonnie Bertalotto, believes the tires may have melted. Angela Mosso told Wyatt to run for it with the dog as the flames continued to grow around them. Angela also realized that to survive, she’d have to leave behind her mother, Peggy Mosso, who had a broken knee.

Around 4 a.m., Chris Tofte returned with the trailer and managed to find his wife. He left her with paramedics while turning back to find his son.

However, Tofte couldn’t make it far, so searched for Wyatt the following day and night.

Wednesday, when Tofte spoke with Marion County sheriff’s deputies, they said his son’s body was found behind the wheel of the family’s car. His dog was on his lap and Peggy Mosso’s remains were also in the vehicle.

Bertalotto says that obviously, Wyatt had tried to go back to save his grandma.

Source: HuffPost

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