1913 Time Capsule Found Under a Confederate Statue Opened


  • I am going to be the first to leave a reply: I agree that all the reminders leave bad memories and stir up bad feelings BUT we need to learn from all that and move on. This is all history IF it is repressed then it will surely repeat its self. To remove reminders is AKIN to burying ones head in the sand. LEARN TEACH THE CAUSES OF WW2 AND WHY DID WE HAVE SLAVES.????
    I was born in 1941 BUT I still don’t know the reasons behind ww2. We have a growing problem now trying to take over the free world that need to be opressed. I saw something at church that they are taking over and we can’t pray in schools but they can.
    Enough said – DO YOUR RESEARCH.

  • I agree with Jaque, history is history,period…A statue is what an individual thinks it is, good,bad,or indifferent. I have been a Civil War reenactor for twenty years and portray both Federal and Confederate soldiers. I have never heard negative racist remarks from those who participate in this hobby. We have been under attack because of the use of the confederate flag. There have been Civil War reenactment events cancelled under threats. The mid eighteen hundreds when the Civil War occurred was a significant time in the history of this country and all we attempt to do is educate people on not only the war but civilian/medical life as well.

  • Just remember. “Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it”. Do we really want another Civil War that cost this nation over 600,000 lives and still harbors ill feelings to this day? By paying attention to what is happening with current events, I truly believe that another “Civil War” is looming on the horizon.

    • That is EXACTLY what these RACIST DEMORATS want!! Ole barr/Crookilary and their fellow DEMORAT SOCIALIST VERMIN have been pushing their CRAP for years! Mitchie and Cowards of his ILK ,cower under their desks,instead of doing their JOBS and standing up to these DEMORATS!!

  • Removing monuments doesn’t change history. However removing history from textbooks and putting evidence in a museum just so no one is offended is wrong. Many people
    don’t know or care about events that happened which shaped this nation before their time, much of it painful and wrong but it is our history and should be preserved, displayed and taught to every generation.

  • You are ALL correct in your musings….the pendulum will swing back, but we must make sure that our progeny understand, FROM US, the true unvarnished history that has ALREADY been erased from their books in our indoctrination camps called “public schools”. That’s the only way that they will learn to be vigilant for their own offspring…

  • It is sad to see monuments come down because they owned slaves. George Washington owned slaves starting at age 11. He wasn’t fond of that but he did have them for a big part of his life. Will they revolk his presidency? Withdraw currency? Discontinue quarters? How far will this go? As far as I am concerned history is history. Don’t change it. The only people that are keeping racism alive from the past and are trying to change our past history are people of color whose ancestors were wronged. You need to get the hell over it already.

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