1st Official Summit Between Putin And Trump To Be Held On July 16


  • libtards! Give it up! It was the demo-rats that meddled in the elections with Russia and it backfired. They can’t understand what a disaster Hillary is and that lost the election! Trump is 200% correct, you can’t run and hide from your problems and so called enemies, you call them out, confront them face to face and talk things out.

  • Trump is on a power trip he clearly wants to be like China,N Korea an Russia Dictators He would love to have absolute power in the USA wake up America the news is not fake

    • Every President I remember had meetings with the Russian leader, why not President Trump? Russia is still a very relevant leader of a large country. We want a working relationship with him, not an adversarial one. We have to get along with advesaries if it’s possible. The democrats don’t want Trump to talk about the Uranium one deal Hilary made with them. Putin also knows about Syria and the Obamas and the gun running. President Trump knows the corruption that has been going on with the Dems and is just doing his job in spite of the left in this country. President Trump is not a dictator, He has the support of over half of our country! We so called ” Diplorables” love him!

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