21 Top-Secret Facts You Want to Know About the Secret Service


  • The Secret Service is a federal law enforcement agency well-known for the protection it provides to America’s highest elected officials and visiting foreign VIPs.
  • The agency combines modern technologies and high-skill training to be effective in its protective and/or investigative work.
  • Operating under the Department of Homeland Security, the Secret Service is also assigned to national events that require security.

Men and women of the Secret Service are often seen dressed mysteriously in black suits and wearing sunglasses. Let’s take a look at some top secret facts about the Secret Service to unravel some of its mysteries.

  1. There are about 6,500 Secret Service agents.
  2. Aside from the POTUS, the agents are also assigned to protect the president’s immediate family, former presidents and their families, and foreign dignitaries like the Pope.
  3. There are 3 steps to become an official Secret Service agent. First, you are expected to work in the office for three years. Second, you are required to fulfill different tasks in 4-7 years. Last, you’re either relegated to office work or promoted to a higher position.
  4. Agents undergo thorough training which includes learning to be human shields and to survive in water.
  5. Every agent knows basic medical and first aid skills.
  6. Agents are required to know the fastest and safest route (10-minute max) to get a president to a hospital.
  7. The Secret Service carry bags of the POTUS’ blood all the time to avoid the risk of using a donor’s blood.
  8. The underground Mount Weather bunker located in Virginia is real. Built in 1959, it’s created to hide one government official when every other state official is gathered somewhere else.
  9. Each POTUS has their own code name. For Barack Obama, it was Renegade. His wife, Michelle was Renaissance, and their daughters were Radiance (Malia) and Rosebud (Sasha).
  10. The West Wing’s Oval Office has motion sensors on the floor.
  11. Secret Service agents are required to do the president’s hobbies because the POTUS can’t do anything alone.
  12. Agents take the president to doctor visits.
  13. They can trace any anonymous or threatening letter sent to the president.
  14. They monitor every moment of the President by recording and filming them.
  15. While they learn to take a bullet, they’re not sworn to sacrifice their lives for the POTUS.
  16. Leslie Coffelt was the first and only agent to be killed while defending Harry Truman in November of 1950.
  17. The Secret Service headquarters should be top secret but its location on H St. in Washington D.C is widely-known.
  18. The Secret Service was founded on the day Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at the Ford Theatre.
  19. The agency’s initial task was not to protect the president but to handle financial fraud and counterfeiters.
  20. Agents don’t usually wear sunglasses so as not to miss anything.
  21. They’re always alert to protect and defend the President.

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