28-year-old Oklahoma man had a stroke after cracking his neck


  • A 28-year-old man from Oklahoma was trying to ease some pain on his neck by stretching when he “heard a pop”.
  • When Josh Hader went to get an ice pack, he couldn’t walk straight and was taken to the hospital where he was told he suffered a stroke.
  • A vascular specialist told Hader he was “extremely lucky” because he was really close from going into a coma.

Josh Hader of Guthrie, Oklahoma had a sore neck, but when he tried to stretch it out, he accidentally popped it. Then the left side of his body started to go numb.

Hader went to the kitchen to get an ice pack but noticed that he couldn’t walk straight.

“I kept walking at almost a 45-degree [angle] to the left,” he said.

The 28-year-old was taken to the ER by his father-in-law. It turned out, Hader suffered a stroke, Dr. Vance McCollom, who treated him, said.

“When he popped his neck, he tore arteries that go to the bone of the neck, where the neck joins the skull at the base of the brain,” the doctor said. “The way he twisted the neck caused a bisection.”

Hader said health care workers immediately administered him with TPA to break up clots. Then, he was transferred to Mercy Hospital and stayed in the ICU for four days before referring to inpatient therapy.

“When he arrived, Hader had numbness, weakness, double vision, and his left side was numb,” Dr. McCollom said. “He wasn’t able to walk straight. He kept falling down.”

An artery that was compromised because of the tear caused the stroke, an arteriogram revealed.

The incident happened on March 14. Now, Hader is able to live normally after rehab..

“Currently, I can walk without a walker or cane, but I get tired much faster than before. My balance is still a little off, but it’s not terrible,” he said.

“My left side tingles a little and feels heavier than it used to. I also don’t have as much control of that side as I used to. My right side doesn’t feel sharp pain or hot/cold.”

For several weeks after the stroke, Hader had to wear an eye patch due to nerve injury, causing weakness to one of the muscles going to his eye.

Dr. McCollom said it is not the first time someone suffers from that kind of stroke.

“We have partners coming to hospital with more serious stuff, due to chiropractic manipulation, by popping neck by a professional,” the doctor said, before suggesting: “If I want to pop my neck, I just pop it side to side. I don’t twist it.”


Source: CNN

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