3 sons expelled from Catholic school due to mom’s OnlyFans photos


  • Crystal Jackson and her husband, Chris, turned to OnlyFans to spice up their marriage.
  • However, when a dad from her sons’ Catholic school found her page, news spread around the school.
  • A group of community moms began harassing Crystal, and months after the news started, Crystal’s three sons were expelled.

Crystal Jackson from California has three sons who attend a Catholic school in Sacramento- Sacred Heart Parish School. However, when a dad from the school stumbled on Crystal’s OnlyFans page, her sons- ages 8,10, and 12- were kicked out.

Crystal, 44, is infuriated. “My kids are really good and all this is doing is hurting them.” The mom says it doesn’t matter to her if they take her down, but her kids should be left out of any drama.

OnlyFans is an adult subscription-based platform. Here, users can sell access to their content, some of which can be explicit in nature.

Crystal and her husband of 14 years, Chris, turned to the platform around September 2019 after experiencing marital problems. “So we tried different things to spice up our marriage.”

The mom was agreeable to the platform, releasing risqué photos paired with some sexy stories. Months later, they’re bringing in thousands of dollars, Crystal even saying they now make $150,000 a month.

Crystal says it’s been a way for them to work on their intimacy and helps her feel sexy. She even adds that it’s strengthened the bond of their marriage.

However, when news of her page was spread around the school, a group of community moms started going after her, urging that Crystal’s sons be expelled. She claims that they even went so far as to print all the photos from her OnlyFans page and send them in an anonymous packet to the principal, church, and bishop.

Though the couple tried writing a letter to explain the situation after they learned of the packet, they never received a response.

After months of controversy, Crystal received an email stating that her sons were officially expelled. Though the sons are upset about the situation, they’re unaware of any specifics except “mom is a big internet model.”

Source: PEOPLE

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