After 30 years, savings bonds returned to homeless man


  • God Bless the new owner of the Pawn Shop(former owners son). Just goes to show you that there are still many good people out there willing to do the right thing.

    My Grandma and my Parents always taught us “what comes around; goes around. Looks like the Pawn Shop Proprietor is in line for many good things to happen to him. By law he could have kept those bonds, but he had the feeling of having to live with ones self which was his conscience to return the excess, more of living with ones self that weighed the most.

    TO CHRIS MATHIS: SIR, YOU HAVE EARNED MY TOTAL RESPECT VIA YOUR HONESTYAND COMPASSION. I just hope that Social Services in his local area, steps up to the plate to help him (WOODY WILSON JR.) find a room or apartment and to obtain other services he might be entitled to. Let this man regain HIS DIGNITYwhere he lives.

    What a nice way to start off 2018 for all of these people!

  • Amen..God is good all the time he is,that was so sweet of Mr.mathis to do that most people would cash it in he will get his Blessing for doing that,and Mr woody would not have to sleep on the wet,snow,ground

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