5-Year-old boy misdiagnosed with diabetes instead of sepsis dies


  • A misdiagnosis reportedly resulted to a 5-year-old boy’s death, where the boy died due to sepsis, according to the Mirror.
  • His mother, Laura Turner, said that her son was said to have Type 1 diabetes and was given a large dose of insulin at the Rotherham General Hospital where she took him.
  • Although he died of brain injury, his autopsy reports multiple organ failure as the cause of death.

The grieving mother of a 5-year-old boy had come forward after his son was misdiagnosed with diabetes instead of sepsis that later caused his death, reports the Mirror.

In the days leading to his son, Shay’s death on April 3, 2018, Laura Turner, 28, recalled how he would vomit each time he drank and had dark circles around his eyes.

Turner went on to say that Shay was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at Rotherham General Hospital where he was purportedly administered the wrong dose of insulin. When his condition worsened, Shay was transferred to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

He died four days later after suffering a brain injury. Autopsy reports revealed that his death was caused by multiple organ failure from an unspecified cause leading to bowel infection and resulting to sepsis.

“I recall Shay took a turn for the worse, which is when I believe the insulin started to take effect,” Turner said during an inquest in South Yorkshire, England, on Monday.  “I have a number of concerns about the care, which was provided to Shay. I feel that sepsis was never considered as a diagnosis.”

Though she can’t say for sure, Laura said she believes that Shay died from the insulin dosage prescribed by Rotherham, saying that her son might have been unable to cope with the overdose.

“I feel incredibly let down by the hospital by the manner in which they treated my son. The family had been left devastated, destroyed, and heartbroken by the loss of Shay. Now, we are living in a nightmare we will never wake from. “

Despite admitting that Shay’s brain injury was caused by a lack of blood and oxygen supply, forensic neuropathologist Dr. Daniel du Plassis, however, disagreed with Laura’s claim.

“I have no doubt that there was an excess of insulin given but it would appear that it was not long enough and severe enough to cause significant brain damage,” explained Dr. du Plassis, adding that no evidence showed that the brain damage was caused by the overdosage of insulin.

While forensic pathologist Charles Wilson agreed that there was no proof that overdosage caused the boy’s death, he acknowledged that sepsis should not be ruled out as the cause of death.

Shay’s death is one of the similar cases in the UK where children have died of misdiagnoses. Recently, families have shared similar stories including the family of a 3-year-old girl speaking out in August after their daughter died of rare cancer after being misdiagnosed with constipation.


Source: AOL.Com

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