6 prisoners escaped a high-security prison by digging a tunnel in their cell


  • Six prisoners at Israel’s Gilboa prison reportedly escaped via tunnel early Monday.
  • Authorities found the tunnel entrance under a toilet in a cell shared by the escapees.
  • Officials said they escaped at about 3 am in a getaway car organized through a smuggled cellphone.

I thought that only worked in the movies.

Six escapees of a high-security Israeli prison dug a tunnel out of their cell, according to government officials.

Authorities at Gilboa prison noticed that they were a few prisoners short during a headcount. They’d initiated a headcount after reports of running near the facility’s walls in the wee hours of the morning.

Staff members eventually found a tunnel entrance under a toilet in a cell, according to Haaretz.

The escapees were identified as Palestinians accused of carrying out attacks against Israel, Haaretz said.

Israeli officials said the inmates coordinated their escape and arranged a ride using a smuggled cellphone.

Authorities are pursuing the jailbirds, five of whom belong to the Palestinian militant group, the Islamic Jihad Movement.

The group said the escape was “heroic” and would “shock the Israeli defense system,” Haaretz said.

Source: Yahoo!

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