9-Year-Old Boy Dies from COVID-19 Just 24 Hours After Testing Positive


  • Nine-year-old J.J. Boatman died out of complications related to COVID-19.
  • According to sources, he did not show any symptoms except for that night when he was rushed to the hospital due to breathing difficulty.
  • Doctors found out that his lungs were filled with fluid and his brain was swollen. The following morning, the boy’s heart gave out which led to his death.

J.J. Boatman, nine years old, died from COVID-19 complications just 24 hours after his test came out positive.

On January 25, the nine-year-old boy from Fort Worth, Texas was rushed to the emergency room for having difficulty in breathing.

“He was just running around and playing earlier that day, and by the nighttime, he was yelling and crying to his mom that he couldn’t breathe. His mom went over, and his face was blue already and his lips were blue,” Gabriel Ayala, Boatman’s uncle, told local TV station KTVT.

Boatman’s lungs were filled with fluid and his brain was bloated due to lack of oxygen, Cook Children’s Medical Center doctors said. His COVID-19 test in the medical center showed that he was infected.

The following morning, Boatman died — his heart gave out. Reason of death, according to the doctors, was complications related to the fatal virus.

It was unclear how Boatman contracted the virus as he never showed symptoms prior to the night he was rushed to the hospital.

Jason Boatman, J.J.’s father, told KTVT that his son was healthy and active despite having asthma as well as autism and ADHD.

“You don’t know how to live life anymore because everything’s just literally changed,” the grieving father said. “Everything has literally just changed when your baby boy is not ever coming back.”

His uncle also told the news outlet that “[Boatman’s mother] didn’t know that she was going to come home empty-handed without her son. That was her baby boy. That was her only son.”

“We’re going to miss his whole life,” Ayala added. “He’s going to miss his whole life. His life hadn’t even started.”

To help the family in raising funeral funds, a GoFundMe page has been set up, with nearly $26,000 donations as of Tuesday.

Source: PEOPLE.com

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