92-year-old Woman Killed Son Who Wanted to Send Her to A Nursing Home


  • It’s sad but the system is set up where you can’t get help for elderly. I have tried with my mother . You just have to let them do what they want till they hurt themselves or someone else

    • It’s not the system that’s responsible for seniors. In other countries the Elder revert to living with their children
      during there old age. What’s broken in the USA. We want to dispose of the very people who raised us.
      I can see how the old lay felt, although I don’t agree with her actions.

      • AMEN Chase, my mom and I live together and I wouldn’t want it any other way. The way most people are today they want nothing to do with the elderly or the sick. Some where along the way this value has been lost by a lot of people. It’s sad, very sad

      • Children are supposed to take care of their parents in old age – but we have a banking system based on “debt-money” that is funding our entire economy – totally against all biblical teachings on money- the more people in old folks homes, the more borrowing of debt-money; bankers don’t want people to follow biblical teachings, they can’t lend their debt if we do. Need I say anymore?

      • I do not believe it is about disposing of them.
        In these times most people have to work full time jobs to take care of their themselves and their children. When taking care of a loved one becomes too much to handle and obvious 24 our nursing care is best, what do you do? In this instance I do not have all the facts. It doesn’t appear as if she needed full time care but the son was 72. He was approaching the age where he too might have needed medical help. It becomes a matter of what is in the best interest and safety of the person in question. Was he worried about her health? The fact that she needed more help than he could physically give? Ultimately he may have been making the best decision for her safety and well being.

  • that mother had no right to shoot her son she belongs in an assisted living facility where she can get the help she so desperately needs she’s 92 & needs help right now! sincerely James p Frazier loyal volunteer for the Miami Jewish health.

    • I totally disagree. An assisted living facility only prepare your meals. You have to be able to function on your own ie remember to go to the nurse to get your meds, able to walk with either a cane, a Walker or independently. They won’t accept you in a wheelchair. Not to mention, you can leave the facility any time you want. Once you’re not able to do these things anymore, you’re sent elsewhere such as a hospital or a nursing home. You only get a little assistance from the staff. Yes, throwing away our elderly loved one seems to have become fashionable. In Jamaica where I grew up, we kept our elderly at home until they die. Nursing homes there are fairly recent and very few.

      • Not all assisted living facilities are as you describe. Many offer levels of care as did the one my own mom put herself in. She was 89 and recovering from colon cancer surgery. She made it to 91. The last few months she had additional care from what she had the first year and a half. They didn’t make her leave, just charged more for the extra care.

  • It very sad when the kids disregard their parents like they forgot what they did for them. It should be our responsibility to take care our parents. My mom passed way last year. I took my father from Brazil to live with me. He got younger and healthier. He is 93 yrs old. I’m proud of myself

    • Many parents don’t want to live with their kids. Decisions on what to do with the later part of your life is something that should be done (and planned for) before you get there. The fact that this woman shot and killed her own son shows you she needed extra help.

    • uhhhhh, shes 92… will she live more than maybe two more years? i doubt it. so if she confesses her sin, and then dies she get s to go home to heaven. her real home where shs wanted and loved.

    • She disregarded her son. She shot her son!!!! Did you miss that part? What did she do for him? How do you know,what kind of parent she was? She could have been a complete narcissist.

  • I’m somewhat having the same problem. My Cardolist tells me Quote ” yoru problem is you know whats going on” in your life as well as things going around you. What do you subjest I should do even after I’ll end my life my way unless my heart gives out firts. Anything wrong with that. ? What do you have as a suggestion for me if you think I’m wrong. PLEAS let me hear your opinion.

  • I think all states are different cause I was not raise to forget about the elderly who raised you but to take care of them and love them just like they did to you if not better. I don’t see how any can just hurt thier own flushing blood like that

  • Although I do not agree with Anna’s horrific action, she acted in self defence. Somebody was going to park her in a seniors home and forget about her needs as a human, a mother and may be a grand mother. It seems she had o choice.
    Very sad ending!

  • Depends on where you are located. My sister was in assisted living. They came in and gave her meds…in fact, they stood there and made sure she took them. She prepared her own meals or went to the cafeteria in the building. Could leave only by “signing out” and someone in your family or friends had to sign you out so they knew where you were. She did have excellent care there and they were very good to her. Other places in the country…not so good.

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