A look inside the future of travel: Virgin Hyperloop [Video]


  • Virgin Group has released a concept video featuring the look and experience of the Virgin Hyperloop.
  • The company aimed at developing this form of transportation to shorten the duration of trips from hours to minutes.
  • The pod aims to be operational by 2030 which is expected to cost less than a plane ticket.

Richard Branson’s travel company Virgin Group has released a sneak peek footage on Wednesday, unveiling a concept video about what passengers can expect on the Virgin Hyperloop.

The company has been developing the Virgin Hyperloop, a fast-speed type of mass transportation that aimed to transform long duration of trips in hours between major cities into just minutes.

As first released through concept photos, passengers will initially arrive at a Hyperloop “portal,” an innovative station before boarding the “pod.” Each pod would have a seating capacity of up to 28 individuals. Using a low-pressure tube with magnetic levitation, the pods can go as fast as over 620 mph.

The hyperloop is designed to make passengers feel secured and familiar, while offering a brand new experience. The pods are surrounded by bright lights that are adjustable and some wood accents. Recessed seat wells and greeneries are also available. Passengers are also informed about the duration and speed of the pod through wall screens inside.

The company said that the transportation fee could be equivalent to the expenses made when driving a car, and would be cheaper than a plane ticket.

“Designing a new mode of transportation from scratch is both an opportunity and a responsibility. Hyperloop technology – and what it enables – is paradigm-shifting. It follows that the passenger experience should be nothing short of extraordinary,” Virgin Hyperloop’s Director of Passenger Experience Sara Luchian said in a press release.

“We leveraged decades of experience designing how people and things move across various modalities – taking some of the best aspects from aviation, rail, automotive, and even hospitality to create a new and better passenger experience that is distinct to Virgin Hyperloop,” CEO and President of Teague company (pod’s designer) John Barratt said.

Last November, the company had its first trial run on the pods as it boarded two people in the tubes with a speed of over 100 mph.

Per the press release, the Hyperloop aims to secure safety certification by 2025, and kick start its commercial operations by 2030.

Source: PEOPLE.com

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