ABC News Reporter Kaylee Hartung Positive for COVID-19 Following Seattle Outbreak Coverage [Video]


  • Make this right away and take a table spoon as needed . Get about 6 lemons to make 8oz of lemon juice , enough Ginger root to make 8oz , 1 whole Garlic clove , Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar 8oz , and 8oz of organic Honey . Chop up the Garlic and blend it to paste , poor in the Vinegar , mix it up then poor it in a pot . Add the Ginger root shredded to the pot . Mix it up to incorporate the Meds but not to a boil . poor through a strainer a few times over a bowl . Poor it in a jug after it cools then add the Honey ! Do not throw out what’s left ! Use it on your feet ! The Meds work great to kill the Flu ! It should give you the edge over the Coronvirus ! Good Luck !

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