Accidental Use And Overuse Of ADHD Medication On The Rise, Study Reveals


  • I know for a fact the personnel at the schools are pushing it. They suggested putting my first grandson on Vivance and therapy for his focusing. I went through hell for 3 years. They have him vyvance. then they had to give him the opposite clonidine so he would eat and again in the morning to equal out the effects of the vyvance. I took him off all of it after seeing worse not better behavior. Then this year 2 teachers in one class ask after accepting help for his reading if I would talk to my doctor about putting my 10 year old grandson who is great in math but a slow reader on meds to help him focus. I refused. Then the psychologist at the school then suggested therapy Oh dont get me wrong, Peyton is a very loving not hyper student, but just in case he starts to act out in his later years for wanting parents. Peyton has been with me since he was 2. I’m his grandmother. He had an A in math and a B in language arts and after accepting the help for reading they came up with all this. He now has a C- in math and a F in language arts. They called for a meeting to set up special CLASSES plural for next year. I refused! I was told I was part of a community for him and we all had to agree what was best because of legalities I couldn’t just take him out. I did my own research and found I could take him out at anytime. The assisted principal said she understands but had never had a parent want to sign out. They just sign the paper and move on. Dont let them bully you into putting your child on drugs! Watch Take Your Meds on Netflix

  • The schools get lots of money for these kids when they have to take meds,and especially when they are put in special classes….over $1000 per month….like many government programs and policies….they are corrupt

  • This is very degrading. We are allowing society to mess up our lives & turn us all into zombies against eachother. Think, Fight for your rights and be content in your stat.
    Thank you

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