Action! Russian film crew makes the first film in space


  • A Russian actor and a director blasted off last week to make the world’s first movie in orbit.
  • The film crew arrived at the International Space Station last week.
  • The movie is titled Challenge.

Lights. Camera. Blast off!

A Russian actor and a filmmaker launched into space last week on a mission to make the world’s first movie in the cosmos.

Actor Yulia Peresild, director Klim Shipenko, and space veteran Anton Shkaplerov headed to the International Space Station. Their spacecraft launched from the Russian facility in Kazakhstan and arrived at the ISS about 3½ hours later.

The film crew is to film segments of an upcoming movie called Challenge. The flick is about a surgeon (Peresild) who rushes to the ISS to perform emergency surgery in orbit. They’re due to return to Earth after 12 days.

“We have been pioneers in space and maintained a confident position,” said Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesperson. “Such missions that help advertise our achievements and space exploration in general are great for the country.”

Peresild spoke at a news conference before the launch.

“It was psychologically, physically and morally hard,” the actor said. “But I think that once we achieve the goal, all that will seem not so difficult and we will remember it with a smile.”

Shipenko said that three cosmonauts would play all of the roles in the film.

“We have been waiting for that for such a long time, and indeed now we feel like in a dream,” Shipenko said.

NASA confirmed that it was in talks with actor Tom Cruise about making a movie in space. Outlets reported in May of last year that Cruise, director Doug Liman, Elon Musk, and NASA would collaborate on the project.

Details are not readily available, but in January, the director said the project was moving forward.

“There’s just a lot of technical stuff that we’re figuring out,” Liman said. “It’s really exciting because when you make a film with Tom Cruise, you have to put stuff on the screen that no one’s ever seen before.”

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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