Almost 2000 Children Separated From Families Under ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy

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  • What happens to American children when their parents break the law? They’re separated from their parents. Where’s the outrage for them? Their put in overcrowded underfunded group homes or foster homes, many of which are not good to them. Some even spend many nights sleeping on the office floors of the local dhs because there is no place for them. Where is your outrage? Where are your money donations to help them or even get them decent legal support? That’s right you couldn’t give a shit less. You turn your heads. No outrage what so ever.
    These illegal children, many of whom are not here with anyone or many even came with a pimp or cartel member for nepharious dangerous purposes. Adults are arrested for breaking the law as they should be. These children are treated so much better than any American child. Well funded, well staffed centers with better accommodations that some of our homes. They receive counseling, needed after the trauma they were just put through by their supposed care takers that drug them here. They receive medical care, schooling, activities, and good nutritious meals. They also receive free legal help to get them back to their parents after their parents have gone through their process. That is IF their here with parents.
    These children recieve FAR better care and a MUCH safer evironment than most American children children.
    Wipe your sniveling noses, quit bitchin. Many many people have caught onto the propagandist hate bullshit. Are you seriously that ignorant that you’re still not able to figure it out or is it really that you’re just that filled with mindless hate fed you by propagandist bs.
    Americans are expected to follow the laws and so should those that come here.

    • If the children were born in the U.S. and parents were illegal then prosecute them as well because to me they are illegal also. I know it’s not their fault their fault their parents are breaking the law.

    • There is an invasion at our borders and the enemy is using children instead of guns. If America falls victim to these pied pipers of forced compassion America is doomed. A country without borders and constant illegal entry by foreign invaders is no longer a country. The liberal, socialist, globalist left is intent on destroying America as a sovereign nation and forcing Americans to live under globalist George Soros boot. The far left is intent on repeating the actions used to cause destructive upheaval in the European Union, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Britain. Take comfort in the sign that Nationalism is creeping back into the sensibilities of European voters, Italy, Poland and Hungary are fighting back. We should join them before it’s too late. Canada is teetering on the brink of this global invasion. Since her premier is a boy socialist who wavers in a breeze, I fear for them.

  • What happens to American children when their ILLEGALLY IMMIGRANTS are taken out of this country??? I have become very bitter, discussed and tired of all the illegals coming into this country and people yelling about their rights. Know it is hard to be seperated from parents and children but these parents had no right to put their children in this situation!!! I can not longer feel sorry for those parents. I am so proud the law is finally being upheld. Come to this country by legal means or do not come at all!!! I hope they all have to leave!! This country was built on God’s faith , but so many are turning against their fellow citizen. Some would rather have this country run by illegals but this has to stop if we want freedom for our children and their children. I have no problem with those that come into this country LEGALLY and abide by our laws!!!

    • What about when these patents voluntarily separate themselves from their children when they send them ALONE from their native country in Central America on a 1500+ mile trip to try & get them to the USA.
      Are they concerned what happens to them along the way?

  • If a person enters a 7-11 and gets caught robbing it he or she are separated from their children because they broke the law.
    Why is it any different for illegal aliens who break the law illegally entering the United States.
    Send them back to Southern Mexico and let the Mexican government deal with them.
    Secure our borders.

  • At least the parents had time to think about the separation a year in advance My ancestors know a thing or two about having their children taken from their very arms These people came to this country of their own free will because they sought a better life for their families But just like other immigrants they see the difference how some people are treated and that should have been enough of a wakeup call to them because if you can see injustice daily and not be bothered by it what happens when you wake up and realize hey they don’t like you either Only certain immigrants are now welcome in this country and it has to do with money Money is what is important to the people who serve the god of this world

  • This is simply the continuation and enforcement of immigration policy passed by Congress in 1997 and implemented by the Clinton administration. Oh, did NBC forget to mention that?

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