Alyssa Milano on her mental health struggles: “I take my medicine… to be functional”


  • Alyssa Milano admitted on TikTok that she suffers from anxiety with complex post-traumatic stress and panic disorder.
  • She revealed that she takes medication to be functional.
  • The actress started having mental health issues after giving birth to her first child.

Alyssa Milano responded to a TikTok follower on Tuesday, who asked if she took “her medication” that day.

Milano replied to the comment saying that she did not forget to take her medication and that she takes it every day to be functional because she has anxiety with complex post-traumatic stress and panic disorder. 

The Charmed alum also said it’s time to destigmatize mental health medication the way society has destigmatized Botox.

Milano’s followers applauded her for her frankness. “Love your response. I have no shame that I need meds for my anxiety and other issues. It helps me function and be independent,” wrote one commenter. 

“So true! Love and light to you. Thank you for sharing your truth,” said another. 

In an essay Milano wrote for TIME in 2020, she revealed having debilitating anxiety after the birth of her son Milo. The Insatiable star detailed how she developed “irrational and obsessive fears” as a new mom, which made her decide to check herself into a mental health facility where she stayed for three days. 

She also explained in her essay that people with mental illness don’t always look sick and that the answers are not always clear. She wrote, “But we should not confront these challenges by placing more hurdles in front of Americans who desperately need the care. I was lucky enough to have the means and the insurance to get the help and support I needed. What happens to those mothers who don’t have the kind of support I received?”

In 2018, Milano talked about her mental health struggle post-pregnancy during her appearance on The View.

She said people kept telling her that she’s fine, but she knew she wasn’t OK. 

Milano is now dealing with her mental health issues better, and one way she manages it is by taking her medication. 

Source: Yahoo Life

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