Amazing video shows butterflies drinking turtle tears and human pee to survive


  • Butterflies just like other living things will drink just about anything in order to survive.
  • An explorer was able to capture butterflies’ survival techniques including drinking turtles’ tears, sweat and human urine as they fight for survival in rough environments.
  • The incredible footage shows butterflies seek water known to be salty in their quest for sodium.

Living in an environment lacking a nutrient, butterflies in the Amazon rainforest will drink just about anything for survival. To get their sodium, these butterflies drink turtle tears and crocodile tears, sweat and human urine to survive in harsh environments.

The Amazon has an abundant supply of water, but what the butterflies are looking for is sodium in their drink. Explorer Phil Torres, an insect expert posted a video of the butterflies drinking turtle tears to his Twitter page.

Also known as Jungle Guy, Torres has captured incredible footage to show the phenomenon.

The butterflies reportedly know that the tears of turtles are very salty because they have sodium.

In order to have the stamina to attract females, male butterflies need sodium in their system.

Sodium is not abundant in the Amazon because of its distance from the ocean. Butterflies are also known herbivores so they can’t get enough salt from plants.

Another video Torres recently posted was that of butterflies drinking human urine to his YouTube channel. He explains in the video that someone urinated at the edge of a river which attracted a lot of butterflies.

“If you never thought a puddle of urine on the side of the river could be a beautiful thing just wait ’til you see this,” he said on the video.

The swarm of butterflies can be seen “digging their tongues into the sand and drinking the human pee.”

The explorer says all the butterflies were male and were drinking human urine because it also contains salt.

The short video also shows that the butterflies can drink the concoction of excess salt, absorb its nutrients and then turn the human urine into ‘butterfly pee’ in a matter of seconds.


Source: Fox News

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