Amazon and Microsoft employees tangled in sex trafficking scandal


  • This has been an on going thing with all the big corporations and social media sites- I’m sorry but it’s time to STOP all the sex garbage period being allowed on the internet, radio and tv. 90% of the date sites are nothing but sex sites! And I’m sorry but there should be laws to STOP affairs sex sites! STOP promoting this type of TRASH! Not everyone is into having multiple partners- and not OK with sharing there spouse, or dealing spouse spending money that’s suppose to be paying the bills on whores and twisted sick couples out there spouse at RISK of STD’S ! Shut All the trash down and bann this behavior-

  • Wow! I’m a very big customer of ama’s long but if they were to continue to let this kind of stuff pass through I would definitely quit buying from Amazon they’re trying to get on top of it

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