Amazon’s Own Delivery Service Rivals Long-Time Partner UPS


  • Amazon and the internet will be the end of this country and people are too dumb to see it , stores closing , more jobs will be lost and why ? People are too lazy to go out and support the ones who support them , the jerkoff from amazon is the only guy making any money , hes the richest guy in the world and at all of our expenses …. mark my words

  • Mark my words: Get on board with today’s faster and faster moving technology; grasp it, learn it, and LOVE it or get left behind! Believe me- the only lazy people out there are those try it to fight learning new ways and accepting change, because change will ALWAYS be while e are still left to live on this planet. Progress and innovation continues to move business & humanity forward. Different and better paying jobs are being created in the Retail sector and in the Energy sector and in the Business sector etc. replacing those “jobs” that you are so worried about going away. There is no such thing as “Clean” coal or “Clean” diesel. Those who believed that Trump would bring those jobs back have fallen for one of his many cons. The future is in wind power, solar power, possibly even safe nuclear power but all will have to be clean- that’s why the EPA is so important. Haven’t you seen how the crowded cities in Asia have constant gray, smoggy air where the sun is rarely seen. Yet they walk around with surgical masks on….that’s what happens when there is no environmental controls. Jeff Bezos and others are championing clean air ways of proceeding in business. He doesn’t just sit on his incredibly wealthy ass; neither does Gates. But fat, lazy, and lying-ass Trump sure does whenever possible!

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