Amazon’s new dashcam records traffic and police stops


  • Amazon released a new dashcam that can record audio and video during police or traffic stops.
  • The voice command to activate the recording feature is, “Alexa, I’m getting pulled over.”
  • Other features of the gadget are logging emergency contacts, car-break in alerts and monitoring, and an “emergency crash assist” tool.

During traffic stops, having a video of the encounter can be very important, especially during this time. Amazon released a new dashcam gadget to provide users with this. The Ring Car Cam tapes audio and video during police stops, drivers can activate its recording feature by simply saying, “Alexa, I’m getting pulled over.”

Nathan Ackerman, Ring’s head of mobile products, said that their device can help assure that “everyone remains on their best behavior”.

In a blog post, the firm said that the recorded interactions are automatically uploaded into the user’s cloud. Aside from its recording feature, the device has a “traffic stop” feature that, once voice-activated, also communicates that it’s recording and gives the driver a list of user-logged emergency contacts.

Car owners can also use the device to monitor car break-ins and receive real-time alerts. The device has dual-facing HD cameras that can allow owners to see a live view and check in on what may be happening both in and around the car using WiFi or LTE.

One of its other features is an “emergency crash assist tool” that can contact first responders and request for help when a serious accident occurs.

Drivers can purchase the Ring Car Cam for $200.

Ring, a subsidiary of Amazon, is also well-known for its popular doorbell cameras. Last year, they partnered with police to create a map that shows where the doorbell cameras were installed.

Source: New York Post

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