America Listen, Israel Built a ‘Wall’ and Is Deporting Illegal Migrants


  • Israel started facing big problems with illegal aliens entering the country through its then-open, 150-mile border with Egypt in 2007.
  • Majority of the illegal migrants settled in poor neighborhoods in Tel Aviv where violent crimes, including sexual offenses and robberies, increased.
  • In 2013, Israel completed building a “wall” dropping illegal immigration by 98%, and in 2017, no illegal entry has been reported.

In 2007, over 5000 African migrants entered Israel illegally from Egypt, according to Israel’s Immigration and Population Authority. In 2011, 17,281 illegal migrants, mostly from Eritrea and Sudan, arrived.

The illegal migrants made Tel Aviv’s poor areas their home. With their arrival, crime in the neighborhoods soared. Sexual offenses, robberies, and violent crimes were higher in areas with high percentages of African migrants.

In 2015, an Israeli police survey in the areas revealed that only 38 percent of residents felt safe outside their homes at night and only 43 percent felt secure inside their homes after dark.

The Knesset, Israel’s legislative branch, started passing laws that provide negative incentives to illegal migrants. One of the approved laws required migrants’ employers to reserve 20 percent of their salaries that migrants would get only when they leave Israel.

The most important action Israel made to solve its illegal migration problem was building a border wall in 2012. After its completion in 2013, illegal immigration decreased drastically by 98 percent. Only 123 African migrants were able to enter Israel. In 2017, no one was able to get through.

Determined to solve the illegal immigration problem, the Knesset passed another law urging the government to deport around 40,000 remaining illegal migrants either to countries where they came from or to countries that will take them willingly.

There were speculations that Rwanda and Uganda signed secret agreements with Israel to welcome migrants into their countries. Although migrants are being sent to both countries, both governments denied ever signing any deals. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees considers both countries safe for relocation.

The Israeli government determined that all illegal migrants who will leave Israel by the end of March will be awarded a $3500 compensation and a one-way ticket either to their countries of origin or to third countries which have accepted to take them in. Illegal aliens who refuse to leave Israel by the end of March will be detained pending deportation. Israel will pay them a considerably smaller amount for leaving the country.

Source: BreitBart

25 thoughts on “America Listen, Israel Built a ‘Wall’ and Is Deporting Illegal Migrants

    1. Sure! He’d cause more disruption, more tweets that are offensive and insulting, cause more friction between the USA and our allies, etc. You want me of that?

      1. YES if it would mean that Americans can hold their heads high and not be ashamed. I don’t care about his tweets.
        And if other countries find us offensive, well they already hold us in contempt while holding their hand out to us
        to fund them. And as for disruption, perhaps that is exactly what Washington needs! We sure aren’t doing any
        better with the status quo.

        1. If the government would get their ducks in order I’m with them 100% however they are full of too much lying and no organization. Can’t trust people especially Donald trump changing his mind and lying about important issues. Sorry I in good conscience can’t support this president. Bottom line he has to go period!

          1. First you said there was no path for Trump to an electoral collegevictory. Then you protested violently in the streets. Then you said, well, Hilary won the popular vote. Then you said that the Trump campaign colluded with Russa. Then you claimed Trump obstructed justice. Now you just say that he’s a bad president and should be impeached. Yet, after over a year of searching there is still no legal basis to support any of your claims.You continue to ignore a lot of questionable decisions by the Clinton campaign, the DNC, the FBI, and the justice department. I did not care for Obama or his policies but I put up with him for two terms, and I never asked for his impeachment. When will you accept the fact that the American people have spoken and Trump is our president? Can’t you see you are trying to undo an election? You are so obsessed with rage and anger over Trumps victory over Hilary that you want to get rid of him, and you fail to see what he has acomplished. If you win this fight “God help us.” Because you succeed in undoing an election simply because you did not get your way, and you think you know what’s best for America. I guess my vote means nothing. Is that really what you want?

        2. You my liberal friend are an sss, i am proud of our president and of what he is doing ! I was ashamed to say that Obama was president and horrified by his reelection, its good to see a potus with sense.

  1. Thank god israel built the wall and is deporting these low lifes. Israel is a tiny country who can barely absorb its own growth not to mention the 10 kids many Palestinians have. Israel should be only reserved to Jews period. Our people suffered enough abd i personally want to go to my homeland where we as superior people want a land for us only. We contribute to 90 percent of the worlds medical advances.

  2. Unfortunately, everything Trump does is vilified and demonized by the democrats and their surrogates, the main stream media. Trump’s purpose in wanting to build a wall isn’t anti immigrant, just as his desire to ban certain Muslims from entering the U.S. isn’t anti Muslim. The vast majority of Muslims can still freely visit this country. Trump is trying to safeguard the American people from those who seek to do us harm. Israel has faced some backlash from their decision to deport these people. Let’s remember Israel faces threats on a regular basis from a hostile region and they can’t afford running the risk of more violence. Also, Israel is sensitive to the plight of people fleeing persecution, just as the Jewish people did not so long ago and allow many people in similar situations safe harbor by letting them stay in Israel. But, no responsible country would blindly allow people to enter and reside into their country without vetting them first. Germany made the mistake of allowing countless Muslims from the middle east passage and are paying a heavy price for it with skyrocketing levels of crime. Sweden, Norway, and others are paying Muslims money to voluntarily leave their country. I don’t hear anyone calling them anti Muslim. There should be no double standards.

  3. And the Democrats claim that a Mexican/USA wall won’t work! Over 50% of the inmates in our prison are illegals! The Democrats give, free breakfast, lunch, supper to illegals, along with laptops, school supplies, and even smart phones with minutes every month, they go to emergency rooms and give false names and addresses. The hospital personnel can’t ask a Spanish looking person for identification, but won’t see a Caucasian with identification and medical insurance card!
    So on you Democrats – don’t complain about the high cost of health care, then turn around and complain about “Trumps” wall! You caused it, he is just trying to fix what you broke!
    I have absolutely nothing against LEGAL immigrants and welcome them! But illegals should be found and deported!
    The only exception I would support is the Illegals immigrants that have been paying both state and federal INCOME tax since they have been here; learned English and has not accepted all the giveaway the Democrats have handed out to ILLEGALS!
    We have AMERICAN VETERANS living on the streets in poverty, so why all the freebies to people that are not supposed to be here and don’t pay taxes?

    1. You are correct . Democrats hate this country and everything it stands for . I am still a registered Democrat , I’m ashamed to say and came from a long line of Democrats . Luckily I woke up and saw the party for what it is today . I hate to see baby’s slaughtered as they are being born . Can’t tolerate the evil Jesus mocking people in the party.

  4. So called Israel are illegal immigrants So called Americans are also illegal immigrants Thieves who stole Palestinian and Native Indian land You go back to where you came from

  5. The drugs suppliers are the rich and the powerful so good luck with your working othe tunnel problem theory Poor people don’t have the funds So follow the money

    1. I believe that the UAE and other kingdoms over there flatly refused to take them. Some did, I am sure but the prosperous kingdoms said ‘no way.’

  6. Holocaust in Europe by Christians on Jews and compensation in Palestine on Muslims . What justice , history and creation of illegal state on someone else land . oH no they are chosen one’ so what are you not so chosen one pice of S..T! Yeah but God give them this land , it says in man made bible .
    Like South Africa and America to Europeans ?
    Illegal occupations needs security and walls not genuine sovereign nations . Genuine nations do trade which improves the lives of everyone that people do not even need to migrate but when Mexican who manufacture at home or work illegally makes $1 an hour these walls are required to keep privileged and underprivileged apart . This security and migration issue around the world is simply based on diamonds from Africa to the showcases of New York while Africans are starving to death .

  7. Build the wall and see how well it works then when we feel safe again the Democrats can shut the hell up. I think we should cut congress pay and use their money to build the wall

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