Americans can now turn their loved one’s ashes into elegant stones [Video]


  • In the U.S., the cost of traditional casket burial funerals is becoming increasingly unsustainable.
  • A startup is offering to turn a person’s ashes into a collection of smooth stones for $675.
  • A person’s ashes can produce about 40-60 pieces of small stones. 

A startup is offering to memorialize departed loved ones by turning their ashes into elegant pebbles.

With the increasing cost of traditional casket burial funerals, several companies are looking for cheaper ways to help Americans properly carry on the memory of their loved ones. 

Some companies have taken a more eco-friendly route by making caskets made of mushrooms or scattering ashes at the base of a tree, while others are offering to press a person’s ashes into a vinyl record, glass sculpture, or an artificial diamond. 

The company Parting Stone has come up with its unique solution by offering to turn a person’s ashes into a collection of portable smooth stones. 

Parting Stone founder Justin Crowe told the Fast Company, “It’s a canvas for the experience, not the experience itself.” 

The process involves milling the ashes into a fine powder and creating a clay-like base with it by adding water. The mixture is placed in a kiln where it hardens and dries, and then polished. The stones’ colors can vary from white to brown to lavender, with some having a variety of speckled patterns. Crowe explains that this is could be due to the deceased’s physiological makeup, which may be affected by their diet or medications. The stones weigh between 4-8 pounds, and one’s person’s ashes can produce about 40-60 stones. Turning a human’s ashes into stones costs $675 while doing it for a pet costs $300. 

Crowe shares that the idea came up to him in 2014 after he lost his grandfather. He said his remains felt void in a decorative urn.

Crowe points out that ashes are usually placed in a plastic bag before an urn is chosen, which he thinks is unacceptable. “Why are we accepting it for people we love?” he said.

He added that holding a smooth stone in one’s palm, knowing it contains a piece of someone you love, provides the same feeling as when we collect small, beautiful stones in natural places where interesting geological processes take place. 

Source: Good News Network

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