Animal Rescue Reveals Dark Truth behind ‘Cowboy Pigeons’ [Video]


  • An animal rescue organization finally unveiled the puzzle behind pigeons seen roaming around Las Vegas last week wearing cowboy hats.
  • According to the group called Lofty Hopes, they found that the hat was glued on the pigeon’s head causing them harm.
  • They managed to catch 2 pigeons wearing the colored headwear and sent them to the vet for treatments.

Last week, Las Vegas residents spotted at least two pigeons flying around the city sporting colored headgear. At the time, no one knew who was doing it and why.

The question was finally answered when a Las Vegas-based animal rescue group uncovered the mystery behind it when they managed to track down one named Cluck Norris after setting a trap.

Apparently, the stylish hats had been “badly” glued onto their heads, causing them a considerable amount of harm that needed immediate attention.

Mariah Hillman, co-founder of the Las Vegas-based rescue group Lofty Hopes managed to track down one of the birds, recording her discovery on Facebook. After laying out a trap, Hillman and her organization managed to find one of the known “cowboy pigeons,” which they’d named Cluck Norris.

Recording her discovery on Facebook, co-founder of Lofty Hopes Mariah Hillman said that when they examined how Cluck Norris’ hat was glued on, they found injuries to the pigeon’s head.

“For those of you who have questioned whether or not this is cruel, these pics ought to clear up any questions,” said Hillman in her post that came with photos of showing damage to the heads of Cluck Norris and another pigeon named Billie the Pidge, whose head wounds required immediate treatment.

She added that both pigeons were taken to a local veterinarian. Thankfully, both seemed to be doing okay.

“They’re both doing well,” Hillman told Las Vegas-Review-Journal on Tuesday. “They’re happy to have their hats off.”

“It’s definitely a concern,” Hillman added saying that she plans to continue looking for the other rodeo-attired pigeon known as Coolamity Jane.

Besides Coolamity Jane, it isn’t know how many pigeons are still out there with hats glued to their heads.


Source: AOL.


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