AOC praises ‘badass’ millennials for being ‘more informed and dynamic than their predecessors’


  • I agree completely I think this millennial generation are nuts cases !! they all want they want but when they don’t get it !! they go nuts on people like at shopping centers did people notice lately that they are all in 20s and 30s millennials that all go nuts on people and most of them play video games and think that’s there reality and use that in there life !! in life we DON’T ALL GET WHAT WE WANT!!

  • It looks like she’d love to see our country fall and she and her kind take over. Loves to see them take to the streets, disrupt and demand!! She’s taken a page from Hitler’s rule book.

  • Ok no u took it from satins rule book millennials yea your generation is so great right you look at your cell phones don’t talk to any one face to face and you go on video games and no kids playing outside instead they go on video games and learn to be sickos and you are the ones that go to malls and kill people!!! not are generation we never did any of that is was way better then so go play on your phone little girl and play on video games maybe u will lean how to kill someone like your nasty disgusting generation does YEA SATINS RULE BOOK THATS YOUR MILLENNIAL GENERATION DOES NOW !!!

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