Apple develops ring-like gadget that acts as mouse


  • Apple is making a new gadget that would enable users to use their fingers and palms to navigate their Mac computers instead of the usual mouse.
  • The feature would use an “optical distance sensor” that would give users the ability to perform different hand gestures.
  • The device can be worn on both hands, which enables users to perform more complicated functions.

According to reports, Apple is building an innovative device where users can control their Mac computers using only their fingers rather than the typical mouse.

Based on a patent application released by the US Trademark and Patent Office last Thursday, the new tool resembled a high-tech Band-aid that could be worn in one or more fingers of the user.

The gadget would have sensors that would spot various types of gestures such as tapping, swiping, or rotating, which will be transmitted to its ‘partnered’ Mac desktop for instance, per the documents.

With the introduction of an “optical distance sensor,” users can commit gestures to an object’s surface or just wave their fingers in the air to automatically perform functions.

The application could also be as easy as using a finger to make signals in the palm of another hand, as shown in an illustration submitted by the company in July of last year.

Per Apple’s filing, the sensors can be joined with another device that also tracks the user’s sighting. This will enable the user “to navigate a menu on a display, to scroll through a document, to manipulate computer-aided designs,” and do other tasks. 

According to Patently Apple, the user can also wear more than one of the band-aid-looking devices. The gadgets can be worn on both hands as the user can do more complex gestures.

Last month, The Information revealed that the company was also working on a “mixed-reality” headset equipped with over 12 cameras that would monitor hand gestures.

Apple has not immediately responded to a request for comment as it was still unclear on what stage they are now in building the device and when it would be made available in the market.


Source: New York Post

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