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Recycling firm allegedly stole and resold over 100,000 Apple products


  • Apple plans to sue former recycling partner, GEEP Canada, for stealing and reselling Apple devices that were sent to them to be recycled.
  • Allegedly, GEEP resold at least 103,845 Apple products, including iPads, iPhones, and Watches.
  • Devices sent for recycling are no longer safe for consumers, and if they were rebuilt with counterfeit parts, they could have serious safety and electrical issues.

Apple used to send thousands of its products for disassembling to its former recycling partner GEEP Canada (now part of Quantum Lifecycle Partners). However, that partnership ended when GEEP allegedly stole and resold at least 103,845 of the Apple devices.

According to a report by The Logic (via AppleInsider), “At least 11,766 pounds of Apple devices left GEEP’s premises without being destroyed- a fact that GEEP itself confirmed.”

Between January 2015 and December 2017, Apple sent over half a million Apple devices to the recycling firm. When Apple did an audit, it was discovered that around 18% of those devices were still accessing cellular networks and the internet. That doesn’t include Apple devices without cellular radio, so an even higher percentage of gadgets may have actually been resold.

Apple is now suing its former partner, hoping to obtain at least $31 million Canadian dollars (around $22.7 million USD).

Though the recycling firm doesn’t deny that there was a theft, it denies all wrongdoing. Reportedly, a third-party suit was filed, claiming three employees were responsible for the theft. But according to Apple, those employees were actually senior management at the recycling firm.

Apple says reselling the devices is not okay, explaining, “Products sent for recycling are no longer adequate to sell to consumers.”

If the products were rebuilt with counterfeit parts, that could result in serious safety issues and defects. Though Apple filed the complaint in January 2020, the company discovered the thefts between 2017 and 2018. Since then, Apple hasn’t worked with GEEP Canada.


Source: The Verge

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