Apple iWatch causes allergic reaction, leaves scars


  • Apple iWatch user Mat Smith complained about an allergic reaction from wearing the iWatch.
  • His skin badly reacted to the £379-worth watch, causing inflammation and sores.
  • Smith contacted Apple Support, however, he was told that such case happens and varies from one person to another.

It’s not always good reviews for tech giant Apple, when one of its customers complained about an allergic reaction he suffered from wearing an iWatch.

Mat Smith, 29, got one of the expensive iWatch models from Apple. However, his skin wasn’t too delighted about it, as it started to itch and cause skin irritations.

Smith got the iWatch, priced at £379, from his partner as a Christmas gift.

According to Smith, his skin reacted badly to the silicone strap. It caused severe inflammation, and left open sores in his wrist.

“I got a bit of irritation under the watch strap, and I didn’t think much of it and I washed it and everything. My skin started to break and it was really, really sore,” Smith said.

He then took the matter to Apple’s customer care center, to which he was directed to its support website with a disclaimer that “some people may experience irritability while wearing their watches because of ‘certain materials.”

“When I contacted Apple they weren’t really that helpful. They just told me that it happens sometimes and that I need to clean the watch and the strap,” he shared.

Apple furthered that it does not actually comment on individual cases, rather they have support pages for concerns like this.

Source: The US Sun

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