Archaeologists in Turkey Believe They’ve Found Santa Claus’ Tomb


  • Nicholas, or most well-known as Santa Claus, is every child’s favorite person during the Christmas season.
  • Children all over the world get excited just hearing his name only to find out when we get older that the bearded man from the North Pole is not real.
  • Until archaeologists in Turkey discovered a body that they believe to be the remains of the real-life St. Nicholas.

We often hear that Christmas is for children because they are the most excited about the holiday season. Who wouldn’t be when you know that come Christmas morning, Santa Claus will surely leave you a present under the Christmas tree.

But of course, as everyone grows up, they’ll learn that Santa Claus is a fictional character. Just like the tooth fairy or the Easter bunny.

Recently, there was a report stating that Turkish archeologists uncovered what they claim is the remains of “Santa Claus”. But it’s not actually the jolly old man with a big, round belly and a long white beard, wearing a red suit and carrying a red sack full of Christmas presents but the “real” one, St. Nicholas.

This is an exciting discovery and could well rewrite history forever. Let the evidence they gathered speak for itself.

After a team of archaeologists performed digital surveys of the grounds in Demre, Turkey, they said that what they uncovered was the untouched remains of the legendary Old Saint Nick himself. The remains were discovered beneath the St. Nicholas Church.

The church, located near St. Nicholas’s birthplace, was restored and attracted a lot of tourists from around the world. The structure is built on the Myra ruins, the place St. Nick reportedly lived long ago.

Top archaeologists reviewed historical records and found out that the original story of what happened to St. Nicholas’s remains could be inaccurate.

Some records say that St. Nicholas’s bones were stolen by Italian merchants from Demre. It’s also been accounted that during the Crusades, the bones were smuggled into Bari, Italy to make a profit. But there’s a possibility that the thieves may have taken the bones from the wrong tomb!

Researchers claim that the stolen bones may belong to a local priest and not St. Nicholas’s. Santa Claus may be a myth, but St. Nicholas was an actual person who lived in Europe during the 16th century. Well-known for giving gifts to the children who lived in the town, he was recognized as a saint.

Before the archaeologists could gain access to the tomb, they need necessary permits for the excavation team to start working. But they are thrilled to uncover the mystery that surrounds Old Saint Nick.

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One thought on “Archaeologists in Turkey Believe They’ve Found Santa Claus’ Tomb

  1. Since most of the Turks don’t believe in Christmas anyway why would folks choose to destroy the myth for all the kids that do want to believe in it. Of course these are archaeologists so they may be making up a story to keep their funding going for awhile. Folks who have to depend on funding to do real scientific work, are suspect to using false or slanted evidence to show they are finding something that the funders can use to make money on.

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