Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter shares selfie with antidepressants


  • Ariel Winter shared gorgeous selfies while acknowledging her mental health on Instagram.
  • Pictured on the bed, she directed the attention to her mouth guard and antidepressants on her nightstand.
  • The Modern Family alum has previously spoken up about how everybody is dealing with something, whether it be anxiety or depression, and it should not be seen as a flaw.

Ariel Winter is using her platform to continue spreading awareness about mental health. The 23-year-old actress and Modern Family alum shared several selfies on Instagram.

In the pictures, she’s all-smiles on the bed while sporting a long-sleeved green top. The pictures were also shared on Twitter by several celebrity fan accounts.


The actress could have left it at that, but she also wanted to direct everyone’s attention to her background.

“Peep my mouth guard & anti depressants in these selfies I took before going to dinner and coming back to catch pokés @pokemongoapp, watch true crime shows and play @settlersofcatan alone with bots lollllll #vibes,” her caption read.

Several fans commented on how “gorgeous” she looked, while some thanked her for acknowledging mental health issues.

One comment read, “As someone with a mouth guard and antidepressants on my nightstand I feel this.” Another commenter wrote, “Just a real lady, who happens to be gorgeous! I appreciate your acknowledgement of your mental health. Much love and respect for that.”

Winter has previously opened up about her struggles with mental health through social media posts and interviews.

During an interview with Shape back in 2016, she recalled having faced “body-shaming and cyberbullies for about seven or eight years” as she grew up in the spotlight.

She shared, “At 11 years old, I started working on the show and I was super flat and had no curves and was getting hate for that. Then overnight, my body changed and I was this curvy woman. I didn’t know how to navigate that and got so much hate for it. It was really hurtful, and I struggled a lot.”

She also talked about the stigma surrounding mental health issues during an interview with Entertainment Tonight back in 2018.

She said at the time, “I think everybody [deals with anxiety] to a certain extent. … I feel like people need to understand that everybody has anxiety or depression, or has something, and it’s not a person being broken or having a fault. It’s just life.”

The actress also opened up about her coping mechanisms for anxiety and depression: “You try to center yourself in reality and talk to people that love you. … I go to therapy, and I think therapy is great. Therapy is for everyone, it’s awesome. [And] staying out of the limelight when I don’t have to be is also nice. It really like, puts you back in your life.”


Source: Yahoo! Life

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