Armored truck spills over $100K onto Atlanta Highway, Motorists stop to grab cash


  • According to reports from the Dunwoody Police, several cars pulled over the Atlanta Highway on Tuesday evening and started picking cash on the pavement and in the air that came from an armored car on Interstate 285.All Posts
  • Responding to a report of “cash scattered all over the road”, police who came to the scene managed to retrieve only a few hundred dollars, while the bulk went to drivers and passersby who already left.
  • According to WXIA reports, an estimated $100,000 to $175,000 were scattered onto the highway.

Drivers near an Atlanta suburb couldn’t believe their eyes when out of the blue, thousands of dollars started flying out from an armored car onto Interstate 285 in Dunwoody, Georgia around 8 p.m. Tuesday night. The Dunwoody Police Department reported that over 15 cars stopped and grabbed the cash.

In a statement posted on Facebook, police said the side door of the armored car came open while they were driving. WXIA reported that between $100,000 and $175,000 were strewn onto the highway. By the time police arrived after responding to a call of “money flying all over the road,” only a few hundred dollars gathered by officers and the truck crew were collected while most of it was taken by passersby.

Video of the incident showed several cars parked along the right side on the westbound section of the highway as drivers pulled over and started picking the scattered cash.

Randrell Lewis, 26, who was on his way to Alpharetta that night, told The New York Times that he thought he saw a cloud that looked like leaves. “But no, it was money. I could not believe my eyes. I am not going to lie. The first thing I did was I pulled over and started picking up some money. Everybody started pulling over and it was crazy.”

Sgt. Robert Parsons of Dunwoody Police told the Times that the drivers had already left when the police arrived. He thinks they must have spotted police lights arriving at the highway, and said, “Oops, time to go! Police are here!’

However, Dunwoody Police reiterated in their Facebook statement that in this situation, “finders, keepers” don’t apply.

“While we certainly understand the temptation, do the right thing and return the money. We are thankful there were no crashes or pedestrians struck as a result of this isolated cash storm,” wrote the police in their post.

Since then the money had been returned by several people, one of whom was Lewis who was seen in a photo taken by police returning around $2,100 to officers.

Fox News and the police reported and shared a photo of Lewis handing over about $2,100 to officers. Uber Eats driver, Lewis, said he decided to return the money after news reports called the incident ‘stealing.’

So far, the station said that about $ 4,400 had been recovered from the five people who had returned the money.


Source: PEOPLE

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