Baby delivered from dead donor’s transplanted womb


  • The Cleveland Clinic of Ohio announced the successful birth of a baby girl from the transplanted womb of a deceased donor.
  • The mother of the baby was reported by the hospital as part of an ongoing clinical trial involving 10 participants who have uterine factor infertility.
  • Since the trials began, three uterus transplants have so far been successfully done while two participants are presently waiting for embryo transfers.

On Tuesday, a baby delivered from the transplanted womb of a deceased donor was announced by the Cleveland Clinic of Ohio, the first so far in North America.

Through a news release, the hospital confirmed that the baby girl’s 30-year-old mother is involved in a study trial of 10 women with uterine factor infertility. This is a condition resulting from a complete lack of uterus.

According to transplant surgeon, Andreas Tzakis, uterine transplantation is a complex surgical procedure wherein a woman’s immune system response requires suppression.

“Through this research, we aim to make these extraordinary events ordinary for the women who choose this option. We are grateful to the donor. Their generosity allowed our patient’s dream to come true and a new baby to be born.”

The clinic said that three successful uterus transplants have already been done since the start of the trial. Currently, two trial participants are waiting for embryo transfers, while the others are still waiting for a transplant.

The procedure of transplanting a uterus from a dead donor starts with the stimulation of the ovaries of a living woman. This leads to producing multiple eggs which then undergo fertilization in the lab. Later, six embryos are selected and frozen.

Afterwards, the living woman prepares for the roughly 8-hour transplant by taking in anti-rejection drugs. The transplant would involve the removal of the donor’s uterus and blood vessels which subsequently will be reattached to the woman’s pelvis.

While the procedure at the Cleveland hospital is the first in North America, NBC News has reported that a similar procedure had previously been carried out by doctors in Brazil.



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