Baby Dies in Illinois After Testing Positive for Coronavirus


  • Thirteen coronavirus patients died in Illinois within 24 hours, including one baby less than one-year-old.
  • There are 3,498 confirmed cases in the state and 47 dead as of Sunday, reports Johns Hopkins University.
  • The coronavirus has infected fewer children than adults worldwide: less than 6 percent of children show severe symptoms, one study finds.

Illinois records the death of a months-old infant after testing positive for COVID-19, the youngest coronavirus patient in the state to die from the virus.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced the death of a months-old infant, pending an investigation to fully determine the cause of death and to assess the health of the baby, whether there are other health problems that may have contributed to the death.

The news of the death was detailed at the daily news conference of the governor on Sunday. “I know how difficult this news can be, especially about this very young child,” he said. “Upon hearing it, I admit that I was immediately shaken. It’s appropriate for any of us to grieve today.”

The governor also has expressed his grief, sending his sympathies to the family of the baby. “It’s especially sorrowful for the family of this very small child for the years stolen from this infant…We should grieve for a sense of normalcy we left behind just a few short weeks ago.”

There are 13 recorded deaths in Illinois, including the death of the infant and one state employee. No information, including the name and the exact age of the infant, was released.

Dr. Ngozi Ezike from the Department of Public Health in Illinois encourages everyone to play a part in preventing the spread of the virus, saying “If you haven’t been paying attention, maybe this is your wake-up call” at the same press conference.

Johns Hopkins University, on Sunday, announces a record of 3,498 confirmed cases and 47 dead from the virus. This tally puts Illinois as the eighth-most coronavirus-infected state in the United States.

“The vast, vast majority of people in Illinois are doing precisely what we asked them to do,” Pritzker said. “But it’s the others — the people who aren’t obeying the stay-at-home rule — who are putting everyone in danger. It doesn’t take that many people, frankly, to break the rules and cause danger to others.”

The coronavirus has infected fewer children than adults worldwide. The Chinese government reported a 10-month-old baby dead after testing positive for the coronavirus earlier this month.  The publication on the New England Journal of Medicine details that the infant had died after four weeks in the hospital with an obstructed bowel and organ failure.

Source: Fox News

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