Bagel covered with poppy seeds made a pregnant woman tests positive for opiates


  • Hours prior to being induced, pregnant mom Elizabeth Dominguez, 29, devoured a seed-studded ‘everything bagel’. Hours later, she failed a drug test and her baby had to be checked for drug withdrawal signs.
  • Dominguez said the experience was a shock since she never did drugs and was also an absolute nightmare for her two older kids who had to be questioned by Child Protective Services.
  • Wishing that someone should have warned her about poppy seeds, she was also very shocked that what she experienced could actually happen.

In a scene straight out of a “Seinfeld” episode, a mother said she had to be separated from her newborn baby when she failed a drug test after eating a bagel covered with poppy seeds.

Despite people telling her of the ‘Seinfeld’ scenario where Elaine Benes tested positive for opium due to a seed-studded muffin, Elizabeth Dominguez, 29, said it’s hard to see the humor of it.

 “It’s been an absolute nightmare. I’ve hardly stopped crying,” said the upstate mother.

A few hours before heading to a hospital to be induced on May 1, Dominguez says she stopped by Tim Horton’s in the Buffalo suburb of Tonawanda and gorged on a toasted everything bagel with cream cheese. Hospital staff later revealed that she’d tested positive for opiates.

She recounted that she started freaking out and kept on telling them, “It’s impossible, I don’t do drugs. I don’t even take Tylenol!”

At 3:28 pm that day, baby Carter was born and was immediately monitored for opioid withdrawal symptoms. Dominguez was told that hospital staff was required to call Child Protective Services.

“CPS was in my hospital room less than 24 hours after giving birth. Even though I’ve done nothing wrong, I felt like a terrible mom, guilty until I could prove my innocence.”

She claims that CPS officials also checked the family home and went to the schools of her two older kids leaving them “scared and confused” with their questions.

Two days after giving birth, Dominguez was discharged but was told then that her son had to be monitored for another night without her.

“I felt like a terrible mother leaving him,” she said. “I was just crying the whole time.”

Eventually, after a second and more meticulous urine test came back negative, she finally took Carter home.

“Expectant moms are warned not to eat all kinds of things — why don’t they warn about poppy seeds?” asked Dominguez who wished someone warned her beforehand.

She said she finally watched the “Seinfeld” episode after friends kept on linking her experience to the TV show.

Afterwards, she said, “I can’t believe stuff like this really happens. I use to love my ‘everything bagels’. Now, I’m not sure I could ever stomach one again.”

Citing confidentiality news, Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center reps and the Office of Children and Family Services declined to give their comments on her case.


Source: New York Post

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