Bar owner who fatally shot BLM protester killed himself


  • Nebraska bar owner Jake Gardner fatally shot James Scurlock, a George Floyd protester, during a night of chaotic demonstrations in Omaha.
  • Gardner’s lawyer said that his client was suffering from PTSD and argued that the shooting was out of self-defense.
  • A review of additional information by the grand jury indicted Gardner who was later found dead of an apparent suicide.

After being indicted for manslaughter charges, Nebraska bar owner Jake Gardner of Omaha dies of an apparent suicide.

Gardner shot and killed James Scurlock, a Black Lives Matter protester, at the height of the George Floyd protests in Omaha. After the shooting, the Marine veteran received death threats which made him leave for the West Coast.

According to his lawyer, Stu Dornan, Gardner at the time of the shooting on May 30, was suffering from PTSD and was only acting in self-defense. He served two tours in Iraq and was suffering from traumatic brain injuries. An initial decision by a local prosecutor supported the self-defense and declined to prosecute him based on evidence.

But upon a review of additional information by the grand jury that included Gardner’s Facebook Messenger account, his phone, and a video, they found out that it “was consistent with there being an intentional killing,” according to Special Prosecutor Frederick Franklin.

An arrest warrant was then issued for Gardner after necessary paper works were signed by a judge. If convicted, Gardner would have been imprisoned for 95 years.

Dornan says, the indictment shook Gardner up but was returning to Omaha to face the charges and turn himself in.

Instead, Gardner’s body was found outside a medical clinic in Hillsboro, Oregon, some 20 miles west of Portland. Although the Hillsboro Police did not disclose the cause of death, they indicated it was an apparent suicide.  Police did not find any suicide note.    

Gardner’s lawyer said, “I’m angry he didn’t have the opportunity for a fair trial, for a fair hearing.”

Source: New York Post

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