Bear claims Colorado man's couch as hangout spot [video]

Bear claims Colorado man’s couch as hangout spot [video]


  • A Colorado man put his couch out in the spring, and a local bear quickly made itself comfortable.
  • The bear tore the couch up, but the man said he’ll leave it out until winter hiberation.
  • Videos of the bears nightly visits gained popularity on TikTok.

A couch must be one of the bear necessities.

A Colorado man put a couch out on his back deck for outdoor lounging, but a local hooligan quickly took it over. The hooligan? A bear, who promptly claimed the couch as its nightly hangout spot.

Chris Ward said the couch-surfing bear found the couch shortly after he put it out in the spring. Ward said the couch is now unusable for humans, but he’ll leave it until the bears go into hibernation for the winter.

No food or garbage sits out at night, Ward said. He keeps the yard clear of things that might attract bears. As a result, even the bird feeder stays inside overnight.

“I joke he broke out of a circus cause he’s so animated and not intimidating for as big as he is,” Ward said.

Ward plans on taking the couch to the dumpster once the bears head into hibernation.

Source: UPI

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