These ‘bee savior cards’ can help revive exhausted bees


  • Bumblebees’ high work rate and even higher metabolism put them at constant risk of starvation.
  • Norwich-based inventor Dan Harris created “bee savior cards” so you can help revive exhausted bees by feeding it with a sugar solution.
  • Harris noted that since flowers may often be already drained of nectar by other bees, a boost from a sugar solution could help them find their natural food by themselves.

Twenty-four percent of Europe’s bumblebees are now threatened with extinction. And over the past decade, the U.K. has lost one-third of its bee population.

Bumblebees’ high work rate and even higher metabolism put them at constant risk of starvation. Professor Dave Goulson, the founder of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, says that a full stomach can sustain a bumblebee for only 40 minutes.

If you spot a bee struggling on the ground, it’s most likely starving. You can help revive it by feeding it with sugar solution, but it isn’t exactly something you carry around with you.

So Norwich-based inventor Dan Harris found a solution — a “bee savior card”!

The bee savior cards contain three refillable ‘cells’ with sugar solution. Made from old credit cards, they easily fit inside your wallet. Now you can help revive exhausted bees whenever you come across one!

Harris aims to put the £4 cards on sale online and in stores in Norwich.

Harris told BBC, “When we heard about bees getting so exhausted so quickly, the fact that we can revive them with sugar solution just struck us as a really great opportunity to connect with nature—especially in a city.”

Experts advised, however, that feeding bees a sugar solution is only a last resort. Buglife, an insect charity, suggests that people try and put exhausted bees onto flowers instead. Nectar, unlike a sugar solution, contains the nutrients they need.

Harris noted that nectar is indeed more “fundamental” for bees. But he pointed out that flowers may often be already drained of nectar by other bees. A boost from a sugar solution could help them find their natural food by themselves.

The bee savior cards are also catered for those who live in urban areas where green spaces are fewer and farther between.

If used properly, the bee savior cards can help save the bee population.


Source: ADAPT Network

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