Belgian pilsner Stella Artois offers free boat rides in this U.S. City


  • Due to a severe heatwave and power interruptions, New Yorkers are experiencing a scorching and unbearably hot summer.
  • But Stella Artois is now offering New Yorkers a different kind of commute-coasting along the East River in their Riva speed boats for free.
  • Although not all commuters may get the chance to ride these, they can still reserve spots on the company website.

No doubt, this summer has been an unbearably hot one.

Even the smallest spike in temperature that should pass up as an airy summer day can make those living in densely populated and humid places feel like they’re walking through a marshland.

For New Yorkers, it’s been all but smooth sailing for them this summer due to swelteringly hot temperatures fueled on by a severe heatwave earlier this month and a citywide power blackout.

That is until Stella Artois announced a luxurious treat that’s bound to be the smoothest sailing for residents regardless of what coast or area in the country you’re sweating in!

From July 30 to August 2, Stella Artois is launching its East River Riviera flotilla of classic wood-trimmed Riva Speed Boats free of charge!

Rather getting stuck for hours at the subway especially when temperatures get too scorching hot, the famous beer company is offering New York commuters another travel route- that is, by sea, along the East River.

Drawing inspiration from its European roots, Stella Artois said that, “the vintage Riva boats will cruise daily along the cool and crisp breeze of the East River Riviera – just like they’re coasting along the French Riviera.”

Boats will load passengers at Pier 25 in Manhattan and bring them across the “East River Riviera” and drop them off at ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina, or vice versa.

However, the boat rides will only be to a few lucky commuters.

So, for New Yorkers interested in riding the Rivas, they will have to reserve for one of the limited spots on Stella Artois’ website. Sign-ups for each day opened exactly one week prior to the boat ride.

Check out the full route for the boats:


Lastly, boats will also run on selected launch days for 30 minutes from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. which would give commuters enough time to open a cold one as they enjoy the breezy commute.


Source: AOL

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