Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Had A PDA-Filled Date


  • Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have not revealed the true status of their relationship.
  • On Monday night, the celebrities had their latest public showing in Los Angeles when they had a romantic dinner date.
  • This is the first time Affleck and J.Lo have been seen together since they were holed up together in Miami.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez once again teased their fans.

The award-winning actor/director and the 51-year-old pop star looked like they’re back together as they headed into a romantic dinner date on Monday night. New photos show them cuddling up to each other.

The couple was photographed getting cozy with their arms wrapped around each other as they were walking into Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant at the Pendry hotel in West Hollywood.

To the photographers’ delight, J.Lo even nuzzled her head on Affleck’s chest before they opted to hold hands as they entered the restaurant.

The stars arrived together riding in Affleck’s car, but it was reported that there was a third person in the backseat.

This is the first time the reunited couple has been seen together since they were holed up together in Miami.

The 48-year-old “Argo” star flew back to Los Angeles to spend time with his kids, while J.Lo remained in Miami. She made her way back to the West Coast after she had dinner with ex-husband singer Marc Anthony.

In the 2000s, Affleck and J.Lo used to be engaged and only began seeing each other again in April this year, according to Page Six.

Their reunion came after Lopez brokewith fiancé Alex Rodriguez after rumors of him cheating surfaced.

A-Rod, on the other hand, is focusing on his future and leaving the past behind. After Affleck and Lopez returned from their Montana trip, A-Rod posted on Instagram about beginning a new life.

“I am about to step into a new beginning in my life. Anything that doesn’t serve me is clearing out of my life. New energy is emerging. New levels are unlocking for me mentally, physically, and spiritually,” A-Rod shared on his Instagram Story.

“I am remaining patient and know that this new phase of my life is coming,” he added.

Source: Page Six

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