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Beyond Meat to launch plant-based chicken nuggets


  • Plant-based food company Beyond Meat is set to offer another meatless alternative to a popular fastfood staple: the chicken nugget.
  • The company has previously offered plant-based chicken when they partnered with KFC in 2020.
  • Beyond Meat’s chicken tenders could alleviate many food chains’ concerns over a decreasing supply of chicken.

Beyond Meat founder Ethan Brown announced the plant-based food company’s latest offering on Thursday: breaded chicken nuggets.

The plant-based nuggets are given a chicken flavor by their main ingredient, the fava bean.

Beyond Meat (BYND) has previously offered plant-based grilled chicken strips and breaded, plant-based chicken when it partnered with Yum! Brands-owned KFC in 2020. While the KFC version was designed to replicate the texture of whole muscle chicken, these new tenders will be different, explained a Beyond Meat spokesperson.

The company aims to transform the chicken strips market that has been well-dominated by fastfood chains like McDonald’s and Burger King. 

“This breaded chicken is such a part of American culture. It’s part of eating out, it’s a part of the menus throughout the restaurant industry,” Brown told Yahoo Finance on a Zoom call. “So we wanted to be relevant in the breaded chicken trends that are going on.”

Beyond Meat’s chicken tenders will be sold at 400 locations across the U.S., most notably in Epic Burger and Dog Haus stores. 

While it will not be sold in retail, it’s still a future possibility.

Fastfood chains have been struggling with a decreasing supply of chicken amid the pandemic. Chicken prices have shot up to more than 50%, with chicken wing prices tripled. WingStop was even forced to launch an online brand that only sells thighs. 

Chicken producers are also encountering labor shortages, further decreasing the availability of chicken.

Brown said that they aim to work with more “forward-leaning” fastfood restaurants.

He added that they hope to offer an alternative that will provide “that same fun experience of a chicken nugget or chicken tender but… in a way that’s just better for them and better for the planet.”



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