Big African cat at large in Detroit suburb


  • A 50-pound caracal cat escaped its owner in Royal Oak, Michigan.
  • Local police said the cats escaped on at least two other occasions.
  • The cat is still prowling the area, last spotted near an elementary school.

After escaping from its owner, a large cat native to Africa is on the loose in a suburb north of Detroit.

The owner reported the caracal missing around 6:30 am Wednesday in Royal Oak, authorities said.

The cat weighs approximately 50 pounds. The owner has a total of four big cats held in cages that allow them to go in and out of their garage. Two escaped through a gate that was left open.

The owner reportedly used raw meat to lure one back to the enclosure.

The last sighting of the missing cat took place near an elementary school.

Royal Oak police Lt. Albert Carter said the cats have escaped from their owner’s home on at least two other occasions.

They prey on rodents, other small mammals, and birds. They also are native to the Middle East, Central Asia, and India.

“The owner says they present no harm to humans,” Carter said. “They are very passive, nocturnal animals.”

Source: AP

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