Bill Gates Eyeing World’s First Superyacht Run by Hydrogen With a $644M Price Tag [Video]


  • The innovative Superyacht is powered entirely by liquid hydrogen and will not leave carbon emission on its path.
  • The eco-friendly Superyacht reportedly comes with helipad, infinity pool, and gym.
  • The Aqua is still on the development stage and won’t be available until 2024.

According to reports, Bill Gates showed interest in the Aqua, the world’s first Superyacht powered by renewable hydrogen. The environment-friendly sea vessel reportedly is valued at $644 million, and pre-built with spa, gym, infinity pool, and helipad.

The Microsoft co-founder, in a report by UK outlet The Telegraph on Sunday, was said to have contracted the manufacturer of the Aqua, a 370-foot grand yacht.

Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design, the Dutch firm who’s responsible for the creation of Aqua, claimed on Monday that Gates hasn’t got in touch with them yet about their Superyacht.

Designer Sander Sinot said in a statement that any visionary client is welcome to express their interest in their creations,  which was built for those who are insightful and forward-thinking owners.

The futuristic vessel, according to reports, is run by dual 28-ton vacuum-sealed tanks that are liquid hydrogen-filled, and are cooled up to minus-423 degrees Fahrenheit (-252.8°C).

The Superyacht is an eco-friendly powerhouse with the water as the only by-product and has the potential to reach a maximum speed of 17 knots (19.5 mph) and cruise the  Atlantic with a range up to 3750 nautical miles, as described on the reports. 

Although the Aqua is not the world’s largest yacht, it was designed to house 14 guests and 31 crew members comfortably, with all the luxurious amenities.

Some of the Aqua’s features include massage parlor, gym, beauty chamber, yoga studio, and an infinity pool.

The interior is also built with unique guest lounges, a huge spiral staircase, a bow observatory called Aqua room, and several luxurious bedrooms.

The Telegraph believed that the advocacy of Gates towards developing clean fuel technology to reduce carbon emissions could be his motivation to look forward to the yacht’s commissioning. Plus, the Telegraph added that the tech billionaire usually goes on vacations on rented superyachts.

However, the Aqua is not yet in production, and anyone who decides to purchase it will have to wait until 2024, as earlier reports indicate.

Sinot confirmed that their Superyacht, Aqua, is still “a concept under development and has not been sold to Mr. Gates.”

The Gates Foundation and Gates Ventures, meanwhile,  haven’t commented about The Telegraph’s report.

Source: NewYorkPost

4 thoughts on “Bill Gates Eyeing World’s First Superyacht Run by Hydrogen With a $644M Price Tag [Video]

  1. Will Bill have a cryogenic tanker follow his yacht as hydrogen fuel isn’t available in most ports. And of course compressing hydrogen wastes so much power that this yacht is nothing but pandering to those that are promoting the “Green New Steal”.

    I also wonder if the Captain will have to click on Start to stop the ship?

  2. Also, besides the vast expense (in terms of carbon footprint and also cost) of hydrogen generation and storage for the yacht, what’s the helicopter gonna run on? Cow farts? Yeah, totally green, Bill. Totally green. Good job. Hollywood has taught this guy great.

  3. Another shiny new toy for the ECO-well to do. Eco friendly is anything, toxic light bulbs, lithium batteries that explode if they get wet. And best of all, any of these things are out of the financial reach of anyone but a millionaire.

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