Bill Gates Eyeing World’s First Superyacht Run by Hydrogen With a $644M Price Tag [Video]


  • Will Bill have a cryogenic tanker follow his yacht as hydrogen fuel isn’t available in most ports. And of course compressing hydrogen wastes so much power that this yacht is nothing but pandering to those that are promoting the “Green New Steal”.

    I also wonder if the Captain will have to click on Start to stop the ship?

  • Also, besides the vast expense (in terms of carbon footprint and also cost) of hydrogen generation and storage for the yacht, what’s the helicopter gonna run on? Cow farts? Yeah, totally green, Bill. Totally green. Good job. Hollywood has taught this guy great.

  • Another shiny new toy for the ECO-well to do. Eco friendly is anything, toxic light bulbs, lithium batteries that explode if they get wet. And best of all, any of these things are out of the financial reach of anyone but a millionaire.

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