BMW unveils world’s first electrified wingsuit [Video]


  • BMW has launched the world’s first electrified wingsuit that could soar high with a speed of 186 mph.
  • Professional skydiver and BASE jumper Peter Salzmann took the new suit and successfully soared across the Austrian mountains last week.
  • The wingsuit is included in BMW’s #NEXTGen 2020 event that would unveil an innovative perspective on mobility.

The BMW company has introduced its new astonishing invention ━ an electric wingsuit that could fly in the sky with a speed of up to 186 mph. Professional skydiver and BASE jumper Peter Salzmann has successfully roamed through the skies using the electric-powered innovation.

The concept behind the suit was a collaboration of BMW, Designworks, and Salzmann. The sports pioneer said that the idea came as he was thinking of ways on how to make flying better and more feasible.

“One of them was a supporting motor — and it’s an idea I just couldn’t shake. “I found the idea of being able to jump from my local mountain wearing the wingsuit and land in my garden fascinating,” Salzmann told BMW. 

Salzmann and the company had undergone three years of intensive research and lots of test flights in BMW’s horizontal wind tunnel. Last week, Salzmann, powered by the wingsuit, was able to finish the maiden flight above the mountains of Austria.

At around 10,000 feet, Salzmann dropped from the helicopter together with two fliers using conventional wingsuits. According to BMW, Salzmann’s electric wingsuit has more power that made his acceleration faster than his flying buddies with over 186 mph. A regular wingsuit has a typical speed of over 62 mph.

The new wingsuit is boasted with BMW i EV technology with a chest-mounted powered rig. It has 15 kW of grunt, splitting between two 7.5 kW carbon impellers. These impellers have a 25,000 rpm capacity and could propel for five minutes. The goal of this newly innovated wingsuit was to boost flying performance and navigate longer distances.

In the video, the trio glided together for a moment after departing from the helicopter. Then as the two fliers prepared for descent, Salzmann activated more kW which boosted his performance as he soared above another mountain and gained altitude. All of them landed safely through their parachutes. 

The wingsuit will be part of BMW’s #NEXTGen 2020 event as the German company would unveil a futuristic approach towards mobility. The multinational automaker would also unveil new tech and the new iNext election crossover.

Source: Robb Report

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