Bodies Sewn Together Found By Fbi In Human Chop Shop


  • FBI agents uncovered various body parts stacked up in a pile in a raid on an Arizona body donation center in 2014.
  • The stomach-churning scene included male genitalia in a cooler and a woman’s head sewn into a male torso that looked like Frankenstein.
  • The ghastly find was discovered at a presently shutdown facility during an investigation in illegal sale of human body parts.

A horrifying scene greeted FBI agents during a raid on a body donation center in Arizona where they found mutilated body parts in buckets, including male genitalia stored in a cooler and a woman’s head sewn into a male torso “like Frankenstein”.

As part of the multi-state investigation into the illegal trafficking and sale of human body parts which was reported by the Arizona Republic, FBI agents stumbled upon the grisly scene in 2014 at the Biological Resource Center which has since closed down.

Details of the gruesome discovery were disclosed in a lawsuit against the center by 33 plaintiffs who claimed the company did not treat their deceased loved ones with respect. They also accused the company for deceiving them into believing that the bodies of their loved ones would be used for scientific study and organ donation.

According to former FBI special agent Mark Cwynar’s statement in the civil suit, “various unsettling scenes” that included “a bucket of heads, arms and legs” and “a cooler filled with male genitalia” awaited the cops.

Likewise, “infected heads,” and various body parts with no identification tags were also found by agents piled on top of one another.

The Biological Resource Center claimed to provide a free pickup service for families of their deceased loved ones in exchange for the use of the bodies for disease research. However, the body parts were used instead for business.

Included in the civil court filing is a 2013 price list that indicated the price for a whole boy with no shoulders or head for $2,900 while a whole spine sold for $950.

Following allegations that he used body parts in unimaginable ways not permitted by donors, Gore pleaded guilty in 2015 to masterminding an illegal business. He was sentenced to one year of deferred jail time with four years of probation. He was also commanded to pay $121,000 in restitution.

The case is scheduled for trial on Oct. 21 in Maricopa County Superior Court.

Meanwhile, the state of Arizona passed a law in 2017 that said body donation companies operating without a license are strictly prohibited by law- but this law has yet to be implemented.

Source: New York Post

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